Another try.

We are all hoping that someday, we’ll meet the right person. But what if you’ve already met him/her? And you are just too focused on someone who does not like you. Why don’t you open yourself to others, I mean know their presence maybe he/she is worthier than the one you like. Just give it a try and chance, who knows it would work out. I know it’s hard to like someone who’s not in your credentials or standards, but in reality your standards are making some opportunities pass by. It’s already there but you don’t like it, that’s why you ignore it. Sometimes the right person do not have your “ideal” characteristics because he/she is better than your ideal person.

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I think the oddest thing about missing someone is that sometimes you forget that you miss them. You forget, but not really stop. And so sometimes it seems like they’re still in your life. You see a good movie and want to recommend it to them, but you can’t, because you don’t talk now. Your life reaches a new development and you want to celebrate with them but you can’t, because they’re not in yours. You get something that you like that you want to share with them, that you know they’ll enjoy, because you know them like that. But you can’t share it with them, because you now share nothing with them.

It’s like having phantom limb syndrome. You can still feel the missing people there, but they’re not a part of you anymore. I think that’s the oddest part.

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Shutting down.

I’m through caring, especially when you don’t. As much as I would like to fix things, it would seem pointless. The wounds would heal but the scars will forever haunt me and I don’t want to blame it all on you when I’m at fault as well.

I’m shutting down. You have gotten too close and I’m scared. We’re not perfect but I just want to take a break from it all and start fresh. I need to be selfish again. It’s better this way. I’m sorry.

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I love you. I hate this feeling like our time is so limited. It is. There’s so many things I want to do with you. I want you to fall asleep in my arms and make you breakfast and go travel places and just have new adventures. I want to go on dates with you and cuddle. I want to love you until there’s no love in me left. Until every ounce of love for you is gone. There’s no one like you in the world and I’m so happy to even know you. Sometimes I think about spending forever with you. You are so wonderful. There’s no one I’d rather love or kiss or be with. I wish I could spend days with you. I wish and hope we cane share countless experiences together. You’re the only person I’ve ever wanted to have so much with.


Yes, I do believe that love at first sight happens even if most of us do not. Love at first sight doesn’t necessarily mean that you fall in love with physical looks.

Why? Does love at first sight only happen in people who got the looks? Even a beauty can fall in love with a beast through love at first sight.

Why? Do people use their eyes when they fell in love at first sight? If yes, How certain are you? No it doesn’t. You use your eyes, yeah. But our eyes don’t beat, silly. Heart does.

In love at first sight, you don’t fall in love with your eyes. Trust me on this: No one can. In love at first sight, you still use your heart, it will still be the indicator if you love her/him or not. Not the eyes. your heart will still be the one to choose its pair regardless of the looks, intelligence and economic state. And once your heart felt that you have seen the person who owns its pair, that’s the time it will beat. No matter if you have seen him the first time or how many times already. The heart still decides in love at first sight, because it still talks about love. And heart is the only key for the word love.

"You can fall in love with a complete stranger in a heartbeat, if God planned that route for you."

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It doesn’t always need to be perfect like a romantic movie. As long as you’re with me, I’m happy. I don’t need anything expensive or fancy, I need you. I want you. And I love you. That might be the reason why no matter how tired I already am, I can’t leave you. Although, I also can’t promise anything. But what we have now is what makes me happy. What I am to you is one of my favorite roles. I’m your leading man and this is even better than a romantic movie. This is reality, my love. This is our story.

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Whenever I see a picture of a really cute happy couple, I just hope and wish they never break up. And that someday I’ll be with someone in a picture like that and some other wishful hopeful romantic will wish for me and my special someone. :)

God bless you Nicole and your family. May all your wishes be come true.

There is nothing in this world as love. Nothing is more powerful that love.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t get anything back, you still can enjoy its beauty, the meaning it gives to your life. Love is the star that guides you when you seem to be lost in this huge world. You find a reason to exist, to hold on, to wait a little more. You find a new meaning in your existence, and a sense of belonging to something, even if you can’t actually tell what that something exactly is.

You wake up in the morning and love invades your mind as your first thought. You go to sleep and the last thing you see is love. You live your life expectantly, always waiting for that moment when the universe is going to reward you with the sight of your loved one. You see them and you can’t help but thinking “there you are again, beautiful being; there you are, you and your beautiful eyes and your wonderful soul”. And every single thing they do fills you with pure joy, even if it follows with a feeling of emptiness the moment when they disappear from your life. But they might come back, and you treasure the memories and cherish the moment when destiny will gift you with their presence again.

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What’s so great about us is how we complement each other. Whenever I’m too weak to function, you stood there like a bright red wall ready to take every single blow. Whenever you’re scared of what might happen next, I always show what we got right now, and what positive things we’ll somehow have in the near future. Whenever I feel so lame and misunderstood, you always beam me up with that wonderful smile of yours. Whenever life gets us down, we help each other up. That’s the way we settle things. I’m just happy that I’ve found the perfect partner for this wicked mind of mine. Someone who’s just as messed up as I am. Thank you baby, I love you.

I am fully aware that we are doing fine now. We can get through anything. I am praying that what we have now will work out until the end. No, i don’t want endings. What I mean is, until we get to settle down, grow old together and even in the afterlife. I could not imagine myself being with someone new. You’re all I want. Even in the next life, I’d still be searching for you. I’d be waiting for you. I’d be patient. Everything is worth the wait when it’s all about you.

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As I look on everything. All I can see is happiness and beauty. I believe that every single thing has beauty. I see beauty even in that wilting marigold outside my apartment. There’s beauty in everything.. in everything.

Everything except me.

As I look on everything. All I can see is happiness and beauty. I believe that every single thing has beauty. I see beauty even in that wilting marigold outside my apartment. There’s beauty in everything.. in everything.

Everything except me.

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Bye. See you soon..

I need to focus. No tumblr friends. Well, some of my tumblr friends are my true-to-life friends tho. Okay, lots of commitments with school and cats. And for someone. Just get out of our business and make your own. I can still post random things here but not like before. I will miss you tumblr.  Period.

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The trouble is that once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And once you’ve seen it, keeping quiet, saying nothing, becomes as political an act as speaking out. There’s no innocence. Either way, you’re accountable.

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